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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a south bay lchltry school principal accused of selling methamphetamines made a brief court appearance this morning. i will tell you what has changed for him coming up. and 2,000 jobs up for grabs. tollish up the resumé and snag an interview today. that's right. fighting for another day of baseball life. the ball club holding onto the playoff dreams. we'll be live with crucial games on the line today. and how about a live look at traffic moving through 101 in san rafael. looks to be a fine day. we'll get a look at the forecast. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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>> nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, everybody. it is 11:00. and i'm mar la tellez. new at 11:00. the shocking claim of a bay area principal selling meth. christie smith is live with the changes happening today. christi, good morning. it was a very brief appearance today. eric lewis went from a public defender to a private attorney. outside and he his attorney had very little to say. they were arrested after he arranged to meet an undercover agent that he contacted through a male dating website. police investigators say they
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started looking at him after getting a tip that he was tied to drugs. the department of justice spokeswoman said lewis offered narcotics to the agent. he was a principal in santa clara for years. after the arrest he was placed on unpaid leave. he lives in san francisco, and at the home police found meth, drug scales and the date rape drug. earlier prosecutors said there was no evidence of drug activity with children. he will be back in court on november 7th. christie smith, nbc bay area news. a sanford professor now the proud winner of the nobel prize for chemistry. brian kobilka is a professor of
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molecular physiology. they won the prize this morning for ground breaking studies of proteins that allow body cells to respond to signals from outside. now an update on the story we've been following all morning. several businesses are damaged after huge flames swept through overnight. it happened on alavodo boulevard one firefighter cut his hand while fiting the flames. crews had to use so much water to fight the flames they unintentionally formed a small lake. it began in a corner business and destroyed ten businesses and took out a chunk of the roof. investigators are trying to figure out what started it all. in richmond a lightning
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strib could be to blame. it happened near the richmond parkway about 2:15. a palette manufacturing plant caught fire. mostly wood was burning so firefighters say there was no need to put out an alert. firefighters are still looking into the exact cause of that fire. >> very good news for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. he will be keeping his job. that news official after a board of supervisors voting to reinstate him as sheriff. only seven voted in favor of it. the supervisors all voting no saying while what he did was wrong, the charter is too much.
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he's been suspended since march and last night he and his wife speaking after hearing the good news. >> it's been more than gruelling to say the least. >> i always feel optimistic. >> his wife cried as they listened to members of the board to vote no, realizing he would keep his job. i will do everything within my power to ensure that abuseers continue to be held accountable. >> staying alive. it's still do or die for the giants and the a's today. both teams have to keep winning, otherwise they're out of there. >> got to get it done today.
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scott reese has all of your giants coverage. hopefully they will do more after the game, right? >> absolutely, john. they're like cats. they have at least nine lives. last night was the perfect example. a 2-0 win against the detroit tigers in game three of the five-game set. everybody is talking about that big catch. he was not having it. he made a catch that may have saved the series. a's get the victory.
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later tonight the oakland a's are rolling. >> could have had a big pep talk today. >> we have to go out there and give it everything we've got. there is no tomorrow otherwise. now there is tomorrow. we're going to focus on that. >> well, it should be a very good game. once again, first pitch for game four is scheduled for 6:37 tonight. your starter is a.j. griffin. he has been battling shoulder and ankle injuries. and by the way, the oakland a's fans believe in this team. so many people have counted them
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out. once again they're alive and kicking. an hour before the game and an hour after the game, preand post game live on comcast california. >> appreciate it, henry. the a's mastering the art of trauma. >> like watching "money ball" all over again. the giants are hoping they make it back home to continue that run. >> the pitcher barry zitol will get his first playoff spot. >> well, the giants didn't knock the cover off the ball they'll take it. barry zito takes the baseball. more good news, zito was successful in two starts this year against cincinnati.
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didn't have a win. hopefully the giants can get the bats going. in cincinnati, scott reese. nbc bay area news. appreciate it. our coverage will continue all day long. make sure to get your updates on >> we did get promised moisture but very comfortable conditions today. let's take you outside and show you what we're left with. just a few high towers. we will likely see more thunderstorms develop. the overall system is me anderring. i'm going to show you why.
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i'm expecting it to come back in the next few hours. so we're expecting more rain in time for the evening commute home. 7:00 p.m., 60 degrees and k p.m. as the ath lettics take on the tigers. mostly cloudy conditions. a few showers. i'll have the forecast coming up. i want to show you the system and why it's so hard to forecast and when it's going to get out of the way. it will be moving on. >> well, a young schoolgirl voicing her opinion. she was singled out voicing her dreams, and then she was shot by the taliban. coming up, what she said that enraged the taliban so much.
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we'll give you an jut date on her condition. >> and a massive toyota recall. is your call on the list? which ones may be faulty. >> hello, neighbor. you see this? it's called a wallet. the inside of the wallet, that's where money goes. you know what moneyny is? i'm guessing no because you're watching public television. >> jimmy fallon taking his audience to the land of make believe with mr. romney's neighborhood. coming up, fallon's spoof on decision 2012. so what really goes on at twitter. how you can see behind the scenes coming up in business new news. >> and a live look at 880 and oakland. we'll get a full look at the forecast.
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welcome back. in pakistan a 14-year-old girl who was gunned down by the taliban is remaining unconscious in critical condition. she was targeted for speaking out in support of education for girls. doctors in pakistan removed a bullet from her neck today. yesterday a gunman shot her in the head and neck. the girl began writing a blog about life under the taliban and was an advocate for girl's education. she said she wanted to become a doctor. >> right now let's get to decision 2012. both presidential candidates doing serious battle in a key battleground state. today mitt romney continues his week long visit there to ohio. no rp,-c won the white house without carrying the buckeye state. earlier president obama wrapped up his 17th rally there. that's the most of any other state.
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with all the new polls out showing a much tighter race, both candidates definitely know, it's on. and they have to trade serious shots. this one in particular over the tax plan. it's true it's not going to have the deficit. that leaves one option. that's asking middle class families to foot the bill. >> the president's charge of a $5 trillion tax cut is inaccurate and wrong. meanwhile, the vice presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow. 2,000 jobs are up for graps today in the south gay. 50 employers were there this event is free and ones until 1:00 this afternoon.
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good morning. it was an idea that was first announced last mont if you ever wonder what goes on at twitter, you can this friday. you have to register first. you see on the screen in the white part there's the web address. shares in apple recovering after highs. down from a dollar when the iphone 5 first started selling. investors are concerned that apples isn't taking advantage of
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everything it could sell. but this morning recovering ever so slightly. we're also waiting for the mini ipad. >> he already has the regular one. >> as do you. good morning to you. woe do have very light showers and a little spotty activity over san francisco as well. here is what we're watching. a little area of low pressure here. finally it looks like this other second system will start to move on shore. and for us, that's going to put this area of almost down the california coastline.
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so we have this weird and wild weather pattern. we stop the clock at 5:00 p.m. tonight. as we head throughout the second half of your thursday it does look mild tomorrow. then watch this. remember last tuesday 107 in gilroy? just last tuesday. now we're talking snow possible. so you want to keep that in mind. the temperatures are comfortable. 78 in fairfield. 68 in stran. winds are going to come into
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play. you mark my words. it's going to carry the ball right out to center field. gusting to 45 miles per hour from time to time to time. 74 degrees. and then we warm you up just in time for the weekend. history in the making in space today. the first ever commercial delivery to the international space station was made today. it's the first of 12 scheduled deliveries. they delivered 1,000 pounds of supplies. they are counting on the sector to restock the space station.
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we'll tell you about the auto maker pulling millions of vehicles world wise because of a dangerous problem. we'll tell you which ones are included in the recall. >> money is like paper you can use to buy things you want. like toys and yachts. you may be wondering where does money come from? it comes for a magical place called our parents. >> oh, i love him. late night show host pokes fun of mitt romney's comments about pbs. >> oh, jimmy. and check out the discussion. join us on facebook. search nbc bay area. i think marla is on right now. >> coming up next, it's "30 rock" and at 1:00 watch days of our lives here on nbc bay area.
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welcome back, everybody right now we have a massive recall from toyota. the company is recalling 7.43 million vehicles worldwide. 2.47 million are from north america. toyota says a power window switch can malfunction to cause smoke and sometimes blames. the yaris, rav 4, tundra, camry and camry hybrid. now the matrix and hielander and corolla all on the list. space shuttle "endeavour" has made its way to l.a., but there's one final mission, getting from l.a.x. to the california science museum, an that's proving to be crickty.
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at the speed of a slow walk. construction workers are laying a carpet of steel plates along the streets to protect underground pipelines. >> the plates will only deflect 1/16th of an inch. >> the journey begins at midnight on friday. the good news is it shouldn't be a real issue. there's no problems with traffic in l.a. coming up, jimmy fallon in the zone. and we have to say, the kid nailed it. we'll have more coming up for you.
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finally late night talk show host jimmy fallon displayed a little bit of humor.
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this featured mitt romney as mr. romney's neighborhood. president obama was demoted to a part-time mailman. >> money is sort of like paper you can use to buy things you want. like toys and yachts. you may wonder, where does money come from it comes for a magical place called our parents. now fal lon, the kid knows how to bring fun any. >> and his hair is great, too. it looks just like mr. rogerses. well done. join us tonight. have a great day everybody. >> that's what makes the show so good. >> i have to dvr it. >> check it out. we'll see you tomorrow.
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